Change Google Chrome Address-bar color

It’s a quick little solution to customise the browser’s Address-bar colour as per your website’s theme colour.

By-default the address appears with default colour theme depending upon whether you enabled Dark-mode or not. As it has white colour as default for Google Chrome.

If you have noticed websites like Facebook and more, you can see their Address bar and header looks seamless have same colour shown below.

So, how to achieve this for your website ? Add this one line of code to every page of your website, or if you have a single header file inside any CMS, move towards the file containing all the <head> tag related code and insert the below code snippet there.

<meta name="theme-color" content="#c21f3e">
check line no. 8.
Adding the theme-color meta changes as per given value.

Show YouTube subscriber count on your website

If you run a YouTube channel and want to display it’s subscriber count on your personal blog or a website, there is a very simple way of doing it. All you need is to paste a 2 line code inside your display wrapper. This might be the quickest way to display Subscriber count on any website and plus you do not need to register any API key for this.

Follow mentioned steps:

  1. Open your YouTube channel and get it’s Channel ID (visible on URL bar)
  2. For ex: (it could be like Techplayce or in my case: “UCg09tk_YFpK-vzQicr3nN5Q”
  3. Now go to this website:
  4. Add your channel ID as shown in below image
  5. Choose your configurations from the next line options.
  6. Once done, you would see the embed code for displaying YouTube Subscriber count on your website.
<script src=""></script>

<div class="g-ytsubscribe" data-channelid="UCg09tk_YFpK-vzQicr3nN5Q" data-layout="full" data-count="default"></div>