The English AtoZ Pangram in action

Whenever we check for fonts or any specific font on any system or website for the design purpose, it is shown using the most common english pangram listing all the 26 alphabets of English.

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog

And I found it in a real video, shared on Twitter.

Feature Image credits: Adriana Chionetti

Finally, I start writing again..

And the day is here,  when I start writing on my blog as well..

What I’m gonna write is not yet planned,  but surely something will be written

The best part is, the blog is launched as a demo test for WordCamp Pune,  happening on January 14, 2017 and that too at ThoughtWorks office.

Honestly ThoughtWorks do have an excellent working atmosphere, it kind of feels like open office environment. They have these dummy displays of a Bus,  a Street-hawker stall, an Auto-rickshaw and more. Everywhere there is something to eat, relax upon and No Cubicles anywhere..

And on the WordCamp side, there are great people like Aditya,  Saurabh,  Rahul,  Premanshu,  Amit from Pune city, while Isabelle is here from France/New York, who will be speaking at the main WordCamp event tomorrow. There are many more people, whom i can’t remember and can’t even list their name here..

Let’s see how this blog and things around me go..

Cya at WordCamp Pune tomorrow…