List of resources for ARIA Development

Introduction to Web Accessibility

What is concept of Accessibility into Web. In simple words, we are allowing the web to be accessible by all, then may be it a person with a difficulty in reading or seeing. We used the modern browsers to read the content or speak-out actions of the page to the user. You can read more about it in detail here:

Tools for focusing on W3C ARIA Accessibility:

Contrast Ratio

Calculate the contrast ratio for color of text and background color used on your website. For a optimum contrast ratio value, your styling should score atleast 3:1. You can read more about Contrast Ratio here (


A global utility for tracking the current input method (mouse/pointer, keyboard or touch).

Training and Certification

Web Accessibility Checklist

Using ALT text on images properly

Color Blind Web Page Filter

Color Blind Simulator for Mac